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“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15:13, NKJV)

Last year, while at a prayer summit, meditating on the love of God, I wrote these words. I feel they are appropriate to revisit this Good Friday.

Your love is the fount of every blessing, the source of every healing, the wellspring of all forgiveness and all comfort. Your love is too vast to measure, too grand to comprehend, and beyond all comparison. How can we understand how You could love each one of us as You love Your own perfect Son? You have forever demonstrated Your love to us through sacrifice. How can we know the depths of pain Your heart endured to see the suffering of Christ? How can we know what self-restraint You exercised while they beat Him, mocked Him, and crowned His head with thorns? Yet You withheld Your wrath for objects of Your love who drove the spikes through His hands and feet. Had I been the one with hammer in hand You would love me no less than the One I nailed there. Indeed my sins fastened Him, yet You have attached Your love to me for all eternity. With this love You have accepted me in the Beloved, You have forgiven me of all my iniquities, You have justified and sanctified me. In Your love You have given me the desires of my heart, You have blessed me with blessings of wife and children and family of God. While I yet wait in sin-darkened corridors of this world for the fullness of redemption, I have only begun to taste these rich delicacies. What treasures of lovingkindness beyond all comprehension await us who have been the unworthy objects of Your affection? If in the land of shadows our heart beats with devotion at these things, then what will we experience in the New Jerusalem when Your glorious presence radiates day and night and Your lovingkindness is never obscured by sin, trials or demons? How will we ever measure the width, length, depth and height of Your love? Such questions are too great for man to answer. Yet I know that if I can but touch the hem of Your love I shall never be the same, and others I touch will feel the only force which exists that can transfigure slaves of sin into glorious sons of God!

May Christ’s penetrating love fill every crevice of your heart.

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