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Steeped in the Word

“O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day.” (Psalm 119:97, NASB95)

What if we were truly to love God’s law and meditate on it throughout the day? How would it affect our lives? What if our every thought was the word of God? What if every word that came from our mouths was what Jesus would say?

We are what we eat. Whatever we feed upon, that is what we become. If we feed on the sludge of this world, then that is what we can expect to become—sludge. However, if we feed upon the pure milk of the Word…if we love it as much as our daily food, then we will become the Word. That’s what Jesus was. He was the living Word—the Word that became flesh. If we want to become like Jesus there is no other way but for us to be steeped in the Word, so that we become what it is.

“God help us to meditate in your Word day and night so that we may become like Jesus and prosper in all we do!” (Joshua 1:8)

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