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The Helper

“And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever—” (John 14.16, NKJV)

It seems so long ago. I was in my mid-twenties and browsing through our church library. A book on the shelf caught my attention: The Spirit of Christ by Andrew Murray. I opened it and began reading. I had never heard of Andrew Murray before, but his words penetrated my heart in a way I had never experienced. Moreover, he explained in a way so simple, yet so profound, the person of the Holy Spirit. I had known academically that the Holy Spirit was a person and not a mere force, but Pastor Murray helped me to really know Him. I began to realize that this third person of the Trinity, whom Jesus called “another Helper,” was in fact the Spirit of Christ, sent by the Father to bring Christ to every believer as an ever-presence. While on earth Jesus was limited to being in one place at one time. But when He ascended into heaven and sent forth the Holy Spirit, Jesus could be with everyone at once. Never would we be alone, for the Helper would be with us always–filling us, guiding us, speaking to us, comforting us and empowering us. Christ’s ministry was not only to give us salvation, forgiveness of sins, and righteousness, but also to give us an indwelling Friend who would lead us into all truth and continually testify of Christ. He was to be our everyday fulfillment of Immanuel–God with us.

These truths exploded in my young mind and heart and opened up to me a wondrous world of possibilities. As I struggled to try to find my place in this world and to plan my career, it wasn’t my job to try harder or to figure it all out. I simply had to submit to this indwelling Helper and allow Him to have His way in my heart and life. I could trust Him to lead me, and He would help me to bear the Lord’s yoke (which is easy) and His load (which is light).

At times in my life I have drifted from the realization of these great truths. I start striving by my own efforts, thinking that I must work harder or do more. As I look back over these times, this striving can usually be attributed to impatience, unbelief or misplaced zeal. But when I stop striving and start resting, when I stop trying to lead and learn to humbly yield to the Helper’s gracious and gentle leading, then I am kept in perfect peace. And He brings forth beautiful fruit in my life!

If I could introduce you to this Helper…I think it would be the best thing I could do for you.

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