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Top Ten Reasons to Worship with Us on Super Bowl Sunday

It’s Friday before Super Bowl Sunday, and I thought it would be fun to take a little departure…

Our worship service now meets Sundays at 4:00, which presents a schedule conflict for many this weekend. On my morning commute I thought of my own Top Ten Reasons for why we should still come to church.

Daryl’s Top Ten Reasons to Worship at CCTV on Super Bowl Sunday

10.  Less chips and dip means less fat to work off on Monday.

9.    When you show up late at your friend’s Super Bowl party you’ll spread the joy of the Lord (no matter who’s winning).

8.    Daryl and Cindy won’t be lonely.

7.    You won’t get carpal tunnel syndrome clicking off “inappropriate” commercials.

6.    At last you have a good reason for spending all that money on your TiVo!

5.    If you stay at home watching the Super Bowl you’ll miss Gene’s smile.

4.    Your wife will be so happy she doesn’t have those extra dishes that the real party might start after the game!

3.    You can watch the highlights later in one-tenth the time. (Think of all those projects you can get done around the house!)

2.    When God told us not to “give up meeting together” (Heb. 10.25) He wasn’t referring to your Super Bowl Party.

1.    You won’t care who won Super Bowl XLV in eternity, but we’ll always care that Jesus triumphed over all to love and save us!

All kidding aside, if you can’t break away to worship with us, then there are many great churches throughout the Treasure Valley that offer a morning service. Whatever you decide we hope you have a blessed weekend!

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