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“He restoreth my soul.” (Psalm 23:3a)

I guess I’m somewhat of a computer geek. If something goes wrong with my laptop I cannot rest until I find the problem and fix it. Maybe this is my own form of OCD (Obsessive Computer Disorder).

My magic wand is the reboot. Shutting down and restarting is a sort of panacea to computer diseases.

I sometimes wish I had a reboot button on me. Wouldn’t it be great if a single button could purge me of everything that ails mind, soul and body? I could start afresh with a clean slate. (Now that’s a dated term!)

Somehow David knew he needed a reboot every once in a while. He needed to be restored. Anxiety, fear, frustration, conflict, a troubled conscience–these were the viruses that plagued him. But he found that God could restore his soul.

Maybe one day he looked across his father’s flock and saw that after the sheep were well-fed, watered and had a good rest, they seemed alive again. The lambs were playing and the grown-ups were not so irritable with each other. Everything seemed to be right again. As a shepherd, David had the power to restore his sheep.

And God did the same thing to David. The Spirit of the LORD revived him, removing his cares, and filling him with grace and peace. God cared for him, restoring his soul, and making him well again.

Maybe you’re looking for a spiritual reboot. Sorry, you won’t find a restart button on your body. But if, in childlike faith and humility, you will fall on the One who cares for you, you can start again…only better!

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