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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

It’s the thing we least like to do. Maybe humanity has always been this way, but in our instant culture of fast food, broadband internet, credit cards and smart phones, it seems like it is harder than ever to postpone our desires. But God often makes us wait.

Nehemiah had been praying. His heart was broken over the condition of his people. His one hope was that the king of Persia would grant him favor. But days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. Nehemiah was growing increasingly despondent. Would God ever answer his prayer? Then one day his opportunity came.

“So the king asked me, ‘Why are you looking so sad? You don’t look sick to me. You must be deeply troubled.’ Then I was terrified.” (Nehemiah 2.2)

There are times when it is extremely risky to wear your heart on your sleeve. As cupbearer to the king, this was one of those times. But hope deferred makes the heart sick, and Nehemiah’s heart-sickness could no longer be hidden.

“But I replied, ‘Long live the king! How can I not be sad? For the city where my ancestors are buried is in ruins, and the gates have been destroyed by fire.’” (Nehemiah 2.3)

Many others had seen the problem but done nothing. Hundreds of miles away it would have been easy for Nehemiah to be comfortable and complacent. Instead he was shaken to the core of his being. He prayed for an opportunity and waited…but he also prepared.

When circumstances are difficult, when we cry out to God but answers do not come so that our heart grows sick, many people don’t push any further. They conclude that it is not God’s will and give up. Great is the faith and strength of the person who continues waiting in faith and prepares for success. I recall the story of two farmers who both prayed for rain, but only one sowed seed in his field.

It is only through faith, waiting and preparation that dreams come true. There will always be opposition and naysayers. There will always be a hundred reasons why it can’t happen. But when God opens the door, then you’ll be ready. And what God opens no man can shut.

God is making you wait now, but what are you doing to prepare for success?

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