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“Today, if you will hear His voice…” (Hebrews 3.15)

Today is like no other day. It will never be repeated.

Everyone has the same 24 hours. While some complain there isn’t enough time, others accomplish.

What makes you feel alive? Just do it.

God is writing His story today, and you are the star! Be who you are and “break a leg!”

If today were the pilot episode of the rest of your life, what would you include? What would you leave on the editor’s floor?

Confess that you aren’t what you should be. But by the grace of God you aren’t what you were…and you aren’t what you will be. No matter what, through Jesus you are always a child of God.

You have the choice today to live for yourself or to live for God and others. Choose to live for yourself and you will miss out on the greatest blessings! Choose God and others and experience overflowing life!

Have you heard His voice today? Then say, “Yes, Lord” while it is called today. Don’t let today slip through your fingers!

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    Justin Zachman Youth Leader Calvary Chapel Treasure Valley

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