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Let Me Introduce You

Let me introduce you to an acquaintance. I have met with him several times. Each time I have come away a little more broken. “Why would you go back to him?” you may ask. It is because in brokenness I feel a little bit closer to what I was created to be. I feel a little bit closer to God and to His true heart.

The acquaintance of which I speak is actually a book. It is called The Calvary Road by Roy Hession. I don’t know if you have found good books to be like good friends, but it has been the case for me. We have a transformational exchange of ideas–even if the author has been dead for many years. His/her thoughts reach across the great divide to interact with me today. Roy Hession passed from this life in 1992, but his infectious enthusiasm for repentance and grace endures.

The Calvary Road is public domain in the U.S. It is available online in written form or in audio as a podcast. I prefer the podcast because I can listen in the car! This includes musical selections that you may want to skip over in the interest of time.

Be warned: taking to heart Roy’s words could have life-changing consequences, but I believe you’ll be glad you made the acquaintance!

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