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The Encounter

It began as a discussion. I was among several pastors planning a potential men’s retreat. What would it be about? What is the need?

We landed on a commonality. Each of us were led into a relationship with Jesus and ultimately into the ministry by an Encounter. We each encountered Jesus is some way that changed our lives.

Why is this important? Without such a life-transforming encounter, people continue on the path they’re on. It is life as usual; the status quo. It is only the Encounter that grabs our attention and makes all things new.

How can people experience the Encounter? That is the definitive question, isn’t it? If more people personally encountered Jesus Christ, the world would be a different place. Yes, I really believe that!

I feel it is my calling to help people come to their own Encounter. In one sense, there is nothing I can do about it, for it is a sovereign work of God. He initiates the Encounter. Consider the following examples:

  • The LORD appears to Abraham, telling him that in a year Sarah will give birth to a baby at the age of 90. (Genesis 18)
  • When Daniel’s three friends are thrown into a fiery furnace, a fourth man appears with them who is like the Son of God. (Daniel 3)
  • When a Samaritan woman comes to a well to draw water, Jesus asks her for a drink and then tells her that she can receive living water and thirst no more. (John 4)

God initiates these divine encounters; so what can we do about it? Simply put, we can be His ambassadors.

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. (2 Corinthians 5:20)

Our job is to represent Christ to others as an ambassador represents his country in a foreign land. We believe that God is making His appeal through us. He is reconciling the world to Himself through our testimony of Jesus Christ. Like Andrew bringing his brother Simon Peter to meet Jesus, we are called to help make fresh encounters. We pray and work believing that as we do our part, God will do His part. He will “show up” by the Holy Spirit, so that others may experience their own Encounter.

Are you willing to be used by God to help another have an Encounter? Then pray now for the opportunity and watch out!

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