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Prayer & Fasting–Day 6


As Americans, we pride ourselves in our independence. Our nation began with the Declaration of Independence. We are individuals who don’t like anyone telling us what to do or how to do it.

But there is one basic problem: we are all very much dependent. No man is an island; we need each other. Nowhere is this more evident than in our current COVID-19 pandemic.


People who contract this disease are dependent upon healthcare workers who risk their own lives to care for them. We are all dependent upon police, fire, delivery and grocery store personnel to go to work while others stay at home.

The advent of the coronavirus has even brought some semblance of unity in politics. For a long time we have had a divided nation with such great political polarization that nothing gets done in Washington D.C. (except finger-pointing). But now we must join hands across party lines to fight a common enemy.


We are even seeing a greater unity among churches. For many years, I have been a proponent of united prayer. Historically, it has been at the forefront of every revival.


Now Christians from many different churches are coming together to pray. We are dependent upon God to end this international crisis. We are awakening to the truth that the problem is bigger than any of us individually, but not bigger than God. And God responds when His people cry out to Him in humility, unity and desperation.


This Sunday night at 8:00 pm there will be a United Prayer Gathering on Zoom of many churches, organizations and Christians throughout the Treasure Valley. Anyone can join. They can have 1,000 participants and 10,000 viewers. If we will unite in prayer and cry out to God, I believe we can blow the lid off this coronavirus! Moreover, we can help usher in a sweeping revival in our country!

Could this present crisis be the means God uses to awaken our nation? As horrific as this pandemic is (and I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet), I believe God is bringing good from it. He is making us more dependent upon Him and upon one another. And that’s a very good thing!


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