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Genesis 10 “Origin of Nations”

“These are the clans that descended from Noah’s sons, arranged by nation according to their lines of descent.”

Genesis 10:32a (NLT)

Often when I purchase a new book I first turn to the table of contents. By reading this I get a good overview of what the book is about. Genesis 10 has often been called “The Table of Nations”, and it is like a table of contents for planet earth. It describes how all the nations formed from the three sons of Noah. Most of the names we don’t recognize (and maybe can’t even pronounce). Since the names of nations and cities change over time, this chapter gives us a “home address” for how they originated.

Genesis 10 has five remarkable features:

  1. Seventy nations are listed.
  2. Nothing in ancient writing compares to its scope and accuracy in explaining the origin of the nations.
  3. The sons of Japheth and Ham are only given to the third generation, whereas the sons of Shem are given to the sixth generation.
  4. Because the names of nations change over time, this provides a home address for individual countries referred to throughout Scripture.
  5. The disbursement of these nations did not occur until after the Tower of Babel in the next chapter.

As the names are listed, we come across an interesting case. Nimrod (vs. 9) was a “mighty hunter” before the LORD. His name means “rebellion”. The Jerusalem Targum quotes him as saying, “Depart from the judgment of the LORD and adhere to the judgment of Nimrod.” He founded the cities of Babel and Nineveh, which would become notorious for their wickedness. History also tells us that he formed a false religious system, the remnants of which continue with us today.

We believe that Nimrod pictures the Antichrist who will soon arise. He will be worshiped by the world, for they will be given over to believe “the lie” that he propogates (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12).

This chapter not only tells us the origin of the nations, but also the origin of the world’s rebellion against God. Satan is behind it all, seeking to deceive people so that he can ultimately destroy them. How can we protect ourselves? We must love and know the Truth that can set us free!

“So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, ‘If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’”

John 8:31–32 (ESV)

It all comes down to a matter of the will. Are we willing to trust God and do what he says? Or do we want to follow the path of rebellion?

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