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Genesis 13 “The Better Choice”

“Lot chose for himself the whole Jordan Valley to the east of them. He went there with his flocks and servants and parted company with his uncle Abram.”

Genesis 13:11 (NLT)

The time in Egypt had loaded down Abram and Lot with wealth. Now they were so rich in livestock that the land could not support them. Abram and Lot’s herdsmen began to quarrel. What had once been a harmonious family was now in conflict. Their great possessions forced them to part company. Abram gave Lot the first choice. When Lot saw the well-watered and fertile plain heading eastward toward Sodom, he chose it for himself. First he pitched his tent toward Sodom, and later he moved into Sodom. But Sodom was exceedingly wicked and sinful against the LORD. Lot’s choice would prove to be disastrous for him and his family. Abram, on the other hand, remained in the arid land of Canaan. But God promised to give all of the land to Abram’s descendants.

This chapter is about making right choices. We can follow our eyes and follow our heart or we can follow the LORD and His Word. Abram let Lot choose, but really he was letting God choose for him. And whoever lets God choose, chooses best.

Do you have an important decision to make? Are you relying on your own senses and understanding? Are you leaning on the opinions of others? Or are you trusting in the LORD and letting Him choose what is best?

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