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Genesis 27:1-29 “Jacob Deceives Isaac”

“What if my father touches me? He’ll see that I’m trying to trick him, and then he’ll curse me instead of blessing me.”

Genesis 27:12 (NLT)

You’ve heard of “the domino effect”. Our decisions have inevitable consequences. We make our choices, and then our choices make us. When my wife and I decided to leave our home in California to move to Idaho to start a church, we had no idea how this choice would change everything. Last Thursday I stood at the front of a movie theater and looked up at all the seats. We had bought the entire theater for the premiere showing of Jesus Revolution and every seat was filled. I thought, “This would not be happening if we had never moved here.”

But “the domino effect” also works negatively. Our sins can have devastating consequences. When Rebekah persuaded her son Jacob to deceive his father Isaac to get the blessing of the firstborn, it brought painful and irreversible results to the family. And yet through it all God was still working to accomplish His will in His chosen ones. But we cannot help but wonder how the story would have unfolded if everyone had followed God’s plan rather than their own.

When circumstances aren’t to our liking, we can either try to “help God out” by doing things are own way, or we can pray, trust the LORD, and seek to obey His word. Either way will have consequences, but which way do you think will give the best outcome?

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