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Genesis 34 “The Dinah Disaster”

“But here is a solution. If every man among you will be circumcised like we are, then we will give you our daughters, and we’ll take your daughters for ourselves. We will live among you and become one people.”

Genesis 34:15–16 (NLT)

Sometimes life takes us down a path we would never have anticipated. When we ask ourselves, “How did I get here?” we must trace it back to our own choices. Such was the case with the Dinah disaster. God had told Jacob to return to the land of his fathers and to his family (Genesis 31:3). Instead, Jacob settled outside the city of Shechem and even purchased land there. Jacob’s daughter Dinah ventured into this Canaanite city to meet the local girls. She was taken by the prince of the city and raped. When Jacob’s sons found out what had happened, they were shocked and furious! When the prince’s father approached Jacob and his sons about Dinah marrying his son, Jacob’s sons spoke deceitfully. They would allow the prince to marry their sister on the condition that all the men of the city be circumcised as they were. This was a betrayal of the purpose of circumcision, which was to be a sign in their flesh that they were God’s covenant people. But the sons of Jacob had an ulterior motive. The men of Shechem agreed to the terms, but on the third day, while they were still in pain, Simeon and Levi massacred all the men of the city. Then their brothers plundered the city and took everything. Jacob was grieved, not so much because of the wickedness of the act, but because he feared being wiped out by the Canaanites.

This tragic story demonstrates the high cost of compromise, for if Jacob had only gone the full distance to Beersheba, this never would have happened.

We must remember that partial obedience is disobedience. Is there an area in our lives where we have not “gone the distance”? Is there an area where we have compromised and sinned against God? If so, then let us confess it today and ask God for forgiveness. Pray that God helps you fully obey Him. You will save yourself so much trouble!

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