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Inexhaustible Resource

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19, NASB95)

When we first moved to Boise our salary was cut by two thirds in the first year. I put in my resume at several places, but no one responded. I was faced with the problems of caring for a family of four, a church that was just starting, and being separated 500 miles from friends and family. At that time we learned to depend upon God for everything. In retrospect, I would not trade our experiences for anything, for they taught us how to trust in God in every circumstance.

It’s been said that we don’t know that Jesus is all we need until Jesus is all we have. When we come to the end of our own resources, and have nowhere else to turn, that’s when we discover the infinite resources of God!

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  1. My niece Keri responded:

    Rob and I had a similar experience to your family’s. When we moved to Kauai, we sold our home and most of our things. We came here with nothing. We had a very sick child and wanted to be near family. We lived with my parents, had two kids under age four, no jobs and attended a local church. The church was good, but not really feeding us in the same way that Sparks Christian Fellowship had. We became increasing frustrated about not being able to afford a home on Kauai, the market was going up every day, not having jobs and questioned whether we should have made the move? We did not quite realize the shock we would experience in the elevated cost of living in comparison to NV. Everyone told us we were crazy to sell our home and quit our jobs. We prayed about the situation. It took time, but everything eventually came together. Not as planned, we planned to have purchased a home within the first 3-6 months. It took us a year, we settled for a condo rather than a house and both had jobs that we were not thrilled about. With purchasing our condo we found an amazing church that we love on the same street that we live on. We feel that we were led to purchase a condo in this exact area. We have been with our church there ever since and love our bible study group. We think of them as family. We have both moved on to better jobs and the kids are in a great school. It was fantastic knowing that we had a weekly bible study group to assist us in our prayers.

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